The Superheroes of Southeast Asia

Graphic Design III Project

Funny how something insignificant or even unfavorable in one culture can mean the world, even the basis of existence, to another. And in places not far from each other at that.

The Superheroes of Southeast Asia takes the humble snake – probably perceived as an aggressive, menacing animal with no cultural place within modern Singapore – and gives it a comic book superhero twist  to align it with the visual culture of young people today, while at the same time promoting an appreciation of traditional cultures in the region that appear so unfamiliar to them. Snakes that give are responsible for the birth of a whole nation, serpent figures that are depended upon almost unyieldingly for rain – these are ideas that are probably so foreign to us. Strange enough, superheroes are imagined beings with qualities that are as detached from our reality, yet they remain figures that are desired and idolized in society. Re-introducing the “magical” or highly-valued characteristics of the snake from Southeast Asian myths as superpowers, The Superheroes of Southeast Asia highlights the beautiful diversity of cultures in this region, while at the same time hinting at a sense of pride this sort-of “Justice League” of Southeast Asia would invite.

#1 – Informative website – provides just a basic overviewImage



#2 – Promotional leaflet

This playfully takes the form of superhero masks so that people can interact with it. At the same time, the implied notion of “looking through a different set of eyes” enhances the idea of how something as simple as the snake can be looked at through so many different perspectives.



#3 – Promotional poster

Illustrated in a bold graphical style to speak to the younger, curious crowd.




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