Alive : is an installation presenting a collection of personal photographs owned by 25 various individuals of different backgrounds , living amongst us. It brings into light, hidden and forgotten memories captured in an individual’s life, the special moment of tears and sweat that fuels one to live out its fullest. The installation assembles these precious moments together to engage us in a reflection of the essence of being alive.

‘In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.’        – Kahlil Gibran

In one drop of water we find the essence of the whole ocean. The knowledge of its serenity, its ravaging tides, every corner to each continent and all its living organisms in it.

Just as a drop of water contains the essence of the great ocean. A drop from our sweat and tears contains the essence of our dreams and goals that is to come. Alive : goes back into time to capture the droplet of sweat or tear, that very point in time, the forgotten moment of hardship or emotional pain. Each droplet of water in the glass container, has in it a photograph representing an individual’s moment of hardship and pain, the secret to our ultimate achievement.

Alive : hopes to inspire and motivate our human spirit in our quest to fulfill life’s goals, ambitions and dreams. It does that through reminiscing people’s moments of downfall, this painful yet significant and essential building element that moulds us closer to achieving our ultimate goal.

The project consists of three deliverables :
1. Installation
2. Poster
3. Brochure

ImageAs water is not bounded by time, it constantly travels around the earth in cycles of various physical states. As it ventures through cities, plants, animals and within us, it carries along with it the essence of the moment of life. A droplet of water captures the reflection of its surroundings. The Installation uses this reflective property of water to show each individual’s important moment.

Every container represents a particular moment captured in an individual’s life. Alive : presents 25 suspended containers of different shapes and forms with an image within a water droplet in it. The containers are arranged to form a circular wavy fashion, depicting the waves of the ocean, the movement of life.






A poster that acts as in invite to experience the installation.


The brochure contains the installation’s concept and message. It gives the viewer a ground of dialogue and a space for reflection.






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