Kranji Countryside

Kranji Countryside was a bit of an interesting project as an exchange student, because I has no prior knowledge of the region or how Singaporeans perceive the region.

Problem number one, and certainly the biggest struggle Kranji has, is its geographical location. This is great through the eyes of farmers in Kranji, becasue it is isolated from the urban sprawling city-state of Singapore. However, what I have discovered, is any commute 30+ minutes away is considered distant to Singaporeans, whereas in America, 30 minutes is standard.

Problem number two was realising much of Singapore does not hold organic or local food in stores, and is not as important to much of Singapore yet, in comparison to The West.

The approach taken to brand Kranji was to showcase it as an Earth-friendly retreat from the city that brings visitors and guests to the front row seats of the environment.


The concept behind the logo is a view of Kranji, more a sneak peek, as if through the metaphorical camera lens, also insinuating you need to come to see the rest.

Visual Identity

After a few visits to Kranji to absorb the environment, people, establishments, farms, etc., it became clear to me the work force has a high percentage in blue-collar work. Farms, pottery, culinary, and the outdoors all require heavy use of hands. This made me want to have the imagery be completed with sketchy illustrations to emphasise my hands, to in turn, emphasise the hands of those who are the faces of Kranji Countryside.

All of the paper has been printed on recycled paper, to remind those who come into contact with it, Kranji is an Earth friendly place. Their entire mentality is to preserve the land, which only then made sense to have that part of the medium.

The brochure was hell. I had to combine two A2 size brochures into a single A3, and both A2 brochures were separate maps of Kranji. I had to seam together two completely different activities offered at Kranji, while making them blend together on the map. The most difficult task was trimming data. What was necessary for immediate content when using the map (location, times, phone number, and website), and then what can be taken off for viewers to find online.

The brochure guided the direction for my second medium, stationery products. These were fun and interesting, and seemed to go well with the paper and design of the brochure. I learned how to bend and alter the logo, information placement, and graphics while still maintaining Kranji Countryside’s visual identity.

Last, the webpage. Currently working to complete the coding, this will be a medium to search for all the data that was trimmed from the initial two brochures. It has the mini-descriptions of each location while also having a photo gallery for guests to gain an idea for how Kranji is before arriving.

Bollywood Panoramalogo-01-01DSC_0418 kranjiii DSC_0428Loading 5%-01Loading 50%-01 Loading 100%-01Homepage-01-01Who We Are-01Gallery-01

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