Within the Root


Deriving from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on how our emotions, words and thoughts can affect the forms of water, leading to his finding about ‘Hado’ which means energy, the wave motion, which the basis is the energy of human consciousness.  Going deeper into the research, reaching to how energy of a living thing can affect the other living organism. This links to how herbs, from the nature can affect the energy in our body. Everything that we do is infused with energy which we do it. In the Ayurveda medicine, herbs can be taken to balance our energy and consciousness.


To promote healing and balancing human’s consciousness through natural methods. Also to create a balance by knowing your own mental types.


1. [Within the Root]

Based mainly on the American Institute of Verdic Studies, ‘Within the Root’ is a summery of their findings about Ayurverdic Medical and The Three Gunas which were related to our human consciousness. With a summary of the information about Ayurveda medicine, this book leads the reader to finding out different mental types of themselves and hence, looking into herbs which help to balance the energy in the body. Titling it as ‘Within The Root’, basically to means all these energy, consciousness are within us.  Triangle and square elements were used to express that square represents the balance, and triangle representing the power and energy. Violet was used as it symbolises spiritual awareness.


View the full book here: http://issuu.com/zxoen/docs/vc_root/1

In the book, there is a booklet of a mental constitution chart, allowing reader to discover their mental types.

FullSizeRender-6 copyIMG_6307

FullSizeRender-11 copy      FullSizeRender-13

Colours representing the mental type will appear when it was being folded down to mark as an selection. This is designed to allow the test to be retaken. The test is suggested to be taken by a close friend of the reader or anyone who he or she is close with, to ensure the better result and accuracy for the test.

2. Mobile Application – The Mental Constitution Test. The mobile application allows user to check their mental test anytime, any day. Also, it allows them to invite their friends to take the test for him or her to check the difference in the results.


There will be a very brief introduction about the aim of the test. The user can choose to skip the introduction.



Keeping the screen simple and with minimal items is to ensure focus and user are not allowed to go back to the previous question if they wish to change the option. The option button will appear according to the colour of the mental types.


The analysis after the test.

3. Packaging design for the herbs. Using the same element concept, triangle and square, the base of the packaging is a square, when it is opened, there is a square formed at the opening. White was used as the base as it is the colour which represents the most ideal, pure and balanced mental type. Also, herbs can be differentiated or labeled according to their colours at the side of the packaging. It will appear better to be on the white base.


IMG_6314  IMG_6315

FullSizeRender-3  FullSizeRender-4

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