Bee of Yore by Eudora Low

TOPIC – Honey & Bees
Through my explorations of water, I found the subject of honey, as well as the bees who create this wonder liquid. Honey has played a crucial role in many places in the world since early civilization and history. It has been used as a medicine, a food, an item used for worship and even in crafting, among many other uses. We also owe it to the bees for their pollinating of our crops. Without them, we would not have much of the food we have today. This liquid along with it makers, the bees, is rich with fascinating history buried by time. The current state of the world has the bees slowly dying out and disappearing without a clear reason why. These set of items have several goals: serve as way to learn about this fascinating history, to bring up bee awareness and to subtle talk about taking things (bees and honey) for granted.

My deliverables are:

  1. Book – Bee of Yore
  2. App – Bee Buddy
  3. Website

The book talks about the impact bees and honey have on ancient human history. It features three countries, which has significant impact, India, China and Egypt. In an attempt not to stray too far from Southeast Asia countries, North America was omitted in place for Egypt. Among the topics discussed in each country’s chapter, the end of each the subject of the current state of the bees in each area. As the situation in general isn’t good, this serves as comparison on how things are compared to the past where bee and honey were highly thought of and sought after as well as not to take such things for granted. The objective is for readers to find out more through the app mentioned at the end of the book.

This is essentially a history book for an age group (roughly 18-25yrs old) that may have an interest in world history but unable to digest or sit through huge amounts of text. There is typographic play and illustration elements on most pages so the reader stays visually interested. The summary at end of each chapter sums up key points for each section for quicker reference.

The book talks most about ancient history, thus the app is more about the modern and current situation, especially in regards to bee awareness and conservation. It serves as link from the old to the new.

The app is meant to be an interesting and periodical way for players to learn. Players are tasked with taking care of bees with the incentive that if they do it well, they can earn and win prizes such as vouchers or specific items. This is done via the players earning of game currency in the app in order to buy supplies for the caring of the bee. This currency is earned via two way, watching short educational videos about bees and or taking the quiz. These can be done once every 6 hours. Depending on how long each bee lives and how well they are taken care of, players are rewarded with points for their efforts which then can be used to claim prizes.

The website serves to advertise the book and the app as well as link and tie them together. It gives brief introductions and preview images for the two products. The ‘Learn’ gateway serves as a link to outside sources of information and related organization. In a sense the app and book serves as a jumping board for this learning. As the internet has a wealth of knowledge that is so big, this brings users in the right direction with trust worthy and correct sources.

  1. Book – Bee of Yore
    Design decision: Clean layout & illustration, not overwhelming, chapters are color coordinated with orange (as main) being repeated throughout. Half tone dots resemble bee combs.

Load and view full book here:

2. APP – Bee Buddy
Design decisions: Bee design made less realistic for appeal. Illustration matches book for consistency.

indian bees3indian bees3

3. Website – Advertising book & app
Design decisions: Has book and unique illustrations. Kept style consistent.

*Please IGNORE COLORS of the main page displayed on wordpress.
Use the fullview linked below instead. Could not upload new version due to issue with wordpress*

For full viewing:
Main Page

Book Page

App Page

indian bees3indian bees3indian bees3


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