Cheryl Tan Yan Fang


The product name Rebirth is derived from my research on snakes. From the research done previously, I understood how people from different regions and religions see the snake. In Southeast Asia, we see the snake as a protector, the creator and destroyer of the earth and in western countries, they relate snakes to evil, death and many other negative beliefs. Likewise, mainly in Hinduism and Buddhism, they see the snake as a divine but not in Christianity. It is amazing to see how people can have so many interpretations and beliefs towards the snake. Even though some of them may just be assumptions, it was eye-opening. Especially for countries that has very strong cultural beliefs.

Through this research, it inspired me to create a product that is going to target our local audiences especially women, aged 25 to 50. This the age group that has the spending power and are very concern about their appearance. Since it is going to be targeting the local market, I decided to break away from the cultural context but of course, retaining the elements of the snake in my product. My entire packaging is going to consist of English and Chinese since this is the most commonly used language in Singapore. This product is created to compete against the Japanese market for beauty products. It has been a trend that our locals have great confidence in Japanese products not just because they have trust in their products but also, they have beautiful and elegant packaging most of the time. This product will prove that not only Japanese products can look aesthetically beautiful and have good effect but our own local beauty product can do the same. Furthermore, it is time to make a change to the typical “Singapore” designs that we have.

Explanation about the product

The logo itself, 再生 means Rebirth in Chinese. The reason for calling it Rebirth is not simply because I got the inspiration from the word ‘rebirth’ that represents the snake but also because, the product is a dead sea salt body scrub. Why? The reason being, after using the product, your skin will feel rebirth because the dead sea salt helps to rub away dead skin cells, allowing new skin cells to grow. Thus, it has the same effect as being rebirth. The dead sea salt body scrub is not any ordinary scrub but it consists of snake venom. Snake venom is known to be poisonous to almost everyone. However, for our product, we have gone through the necessary process to ensure that the poison is removed, leaving only the good behind. Snake venom has many benefits that many people are unaware of. It helps to block the neuromuscular contractions which causes facial tension, helps anti-aging and reduces wrinkles. Leaving you with a young and radiant complexion. Due to the stress level everyone has in Singapore, it is important for us, ladies to maintain good and youthful complexion.

Main material used for this project

Vellum paper

Main ingredients used in the product

Dead sea salt – Known for therapeutic effects and helps rub away dead skin cells.

Snake venom – Anti-aging and it helps to reduce wrinkles.

Lemon grass oil – The scent of the lemon grass helps to reduce stress. It is suppose to make you feel calm and relaxed.

Sweet Almond Oil – Helps your skin retain moisture, reduce wrinkles and adds a natural glow to your skin. Can be used on nearly any skin type. Dry to oily.

Deliverable #1 – Logo + Packaging

The words on the logo is hand painted with a chinese calligraphy brush. The logo below the words represents water. As we all know water is often associated with snakes and for this product, since it is a body scrub, it is also related to water. Thus, that explains the idea of using water to represent the product.

ImageImageImageImageThis small booklet consists of the description of the product, the instructions on how to use the product and the ingredients in the product.


This is how the packaging looks like with the product inside it. It has the ‘Peek-a-boo’ concept as it allows you to see it but yet at the same time, you can’t exactly determine what is in the package.

Deliverable #1 – Invitation

In order to create awareness, we are going to distribute invitation cards for the public who are interested to drop by our grand opening on 12th January 2013. There will be samples for the public to test and there will be beauty advisors stationed during the grand opening to promote Rebirth.



The unique thing about the invitation card is that the recipient has to peel off our logo before they are able to see the information inside. This relates back to the idea of ‘peeling’, the shedding of the snake.


This is how the invitation looks like when it is opened up. The idea of the invitation opening up represents the chinese tradition of opening ceremony (开幕). Since this is a new product, I wanted to adapt the local context into it. It is not literal but has a significant meaning behind the action of opening.

Deliverable #2 – Poster

In order to gain more public awareness, large posters will be placed along Orchard Road as it has the main city and it has the most number of people moving around that area. Also, since the grand opening is going to be held in Orchard Grand Hyatt Hotel, it would be a better location to place our posters. The poster will contain information on the grand opening. Not much information on the product will be stated as this will make the public more curious on what this product is about.


Deliverable #3 – Website

The internet would be a good marketing tool as the use of internet is increasing and almost everyone uses the internet everyday, irregardless of work or leisure. Thus, I decided to create a website for people who are keen to find out more and also to target people who are too busy to even get out of their office or home. A website will then be more accessible. The website not only serves the purpose of providing information about the product but if they are keen to purchase it or if there is anything that they would like to feedback on, they can contact us via the contact page.


Index page – When the user first enter the website, the logo will slowly move downwards, acting like a pre loader.  Then, the ‘Enter’ button will appear for the user to continue to the next page.


Description page – This page will describe what is this product about and what makes it stands out from the rest of the other dead sea salt scrub.


Ingredients page – This page will show all the ingredients used to make Rebirth.


Contact page – This is the contact page where the public can either give feedbacks about our product or even request to make an order of our product.