Tan Jiahui

About Eat Snake

Eat Snake (jia zhua in hokkien dialect) means to not concentrate and focus on what one is supposed to do and instead spend time and attention on something else that one is more interested in.

Eat Snake is a game derived based from the fast paced lifestyle and modern societal upbringing of the current generation. People are made to and sometimes pressured to choose the path to take in their lives since young and in many instances people sometimes look back and think what could have gone differently. Even in their current occupation, it is common for people to daydream and think about what if they have chosen to fulfil their childhood ambition or pursue their passions. It is a constant renewal and regeneration of interest and the balance of duality between reality and dreams.

Eat Snake allows players to take on various occupations and share what they would do or carry out an action based on the text behind the cards. The dice would be rolled and the chess piece in a shape of a snake would move onto various characters.


The packaging is based on a psychedelic color scheme, where the reflective surface produces colors when light shines onto it.



A slidable acrylic box.


Game cards and chess pieces. Different cards are separated intricately with a 3 tiered color construction, with the color in the middle defining the type of game card.

Sabo (yellow) and Shiok (green) cards – inspired by the Singaporean slag, are action cards to be collected at the start of the game and can be executed by the player during the game. The designs and patterns are based on the snake skin – something which is shed and constantly replenished.

Vote cards (blue) – if fellow player does not carry out his/her action well, a vote can be casted for him/her to do it again.


Character cards laid out on the playing board. Chess sets are moved around it according to the number on the dice that is thrown and the game loops once the chess piece ends at the 40th character.


Explanation booklet for the game. Designed and sewn-stitched with similar color palette.

Based on the aesthetics and characteristics of the snake, the entire package can be an ice-breaker game and at the same time, it carries a deeper underlying message of self-renewal about personal ambition and attitude towards the pursuit of happiness.