Chan Wei Sheng Jonathan

Water Fluoridation

I chose to pursue the subject of water fluoridation, which is a topic that is fraught with controversy. Both proponents and detractors of the practice denounce each other of resorting to pseudo-science for justification – the usual protests touch on the ethical implications of mass medication, as well as question the need for such a dated and unnecessary practice. The more inflammatory detractors ply more radical theories involving governmental malpractice, underhanded corporate dealings, and intentional dumbing down of the public.

This publication was an experiment primer meant to contain references to previous scientific studies on the topic on a local and international scale, with results not particularly sympathetic to either side of the argument.

The folder holds these documents while also serving as a clip-board for future note-taking and personal thought.

It is part of a three-pronged project that includes an infographic animation as well as a website that call for further dialogue, transparency, and localized research.

The website served as a platform for information dissemination, news updates sorted according to local and international news, as well as allow the user to have several avenues to contribute to the project.

The infographic video would play before the website, serving up conversation and thinking points in an easily digestible visual manner.