Lee Jun Hong Melvin


Juxtaposing more than 30 different locations in Singapore in a fantastic, metaphysical and surrealistic subject matter that encompass a kaleidoscopic, fractal and paisley patterns. Creating a visual representation of Singaporeans’ never ending pursuit towards materialism and consumerism. This is like a Singaporean ritual, and it draws similarity from the Buddhist Mandala which brings about the question whether Singaporeans understand that everything we once chased for is all but impermanent.


Tibetan Mandala vs Singapore?

Mandalas are used in the rituals of tantric initiation. They are constructed at the beginning of the initiation, out of grains of colored sand carefully placed on a specially prepared platform.  Similar to the construction of a Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala, this video and the book will feature the visual process whereby it commences with basic grids, shapes, and later with colours and eventually coming to null to represent the destruction of the mandala, pouring it into the river, back to the universe, signifying that every thing we once desire is actually impermanent and it belongs to the universe.



Technical Aspect

On top of the manifesting patterns and reflected symmetrical imagery, highly contrasting colours are used, like what observed in the original Sand Mandalas. Each location displays extreme depth of detail or stylization of detail, emphasising on the morphing of objects and/or themes and sometimes collage.




The usage of phosphenes, spirals, concentric circles, diffraction patterns, and other entoptic motifs somehow symbolise with the original Buddhist Sand Mandala with its usage of repetitive motifs. Innovative use of technologically enhanced editing including warping and transposition of positive and negative spaces created each piece of work. Part of this technical aspect is also referenced from Michael Shainblum “Mirror City”.

“All conditioned things are impermanent” when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering. – Dhammapada, verse 277