Lek Yi Xian


“inspire” is a project that introduces water as an inspirational drink for creatives to drink whenever one is faced with a mental block. By introducing the concept of I-Ching, one will realize the potential of water in terms of creation and development, both externally and internally. Started off as a research in the significance of water in the Chinese culture, it appears that I-Ching is the oldest book that influenced most of the Chinese traditions, including its Chinese characters, religions such as Taoism and Confucianism.

logo explanation-01

This logo has 3 layers of meaning. First of all, it resembles the water trigram, Kan, in the I-Ching, symbolizing water. Secondly, when the trigram is rotated, it resembles the ancient word ‘water’. It is believed that this trigram influenced the innovation of Chinese characters, particularly from the word ‘water’. Lastly, ‘inspire’ is a drink that allows the user to internalize the water and activate the energy from within his body. Hence, it functions like a mirror, allowing the user to reflect and realize his potential from within.


The wisdom of I-Ching is indeed profound. Trigrams and hexagrams are used to represent the cosmic energies in the universe. It encompasses everything and anything in the world, including its creation, development and even human relations. Water is one of the the elemental trigram which plays a significant role in the development of the universe. Evidently, the main bulk of water-related hexagrams are positioned at the front of the 64 hexagrams in I-Ching which discusses about creation and development. Think about it, it make sense in the real world. In places where there’s water, there will be life. It is the essence of creation. In relevance to the creatives, creation is equivalent to inspirations. Hence, it can be used to harvest inspirations.

Other than harvesting inspirations from within by drinking the water, the user can also consult I-Ching as advices or creative directions (external inspirations) through casting their own hexagrams. As the user drink the water, he/ she will see a water trigram (Kan) underneath the bottle cap. The positioning of the trigram will be determined (either top or bottom) the moment they flip the cap around to see.


As for the following strokes of the hexagram, the user will have to toss the 3 coins provided and jot/ draw them out in the workbook. After which, they will take note if theres changing lines, which results in changing hexagram that has to be referenced with in assessing the situations.

Read more online: workbook


The user will then refer to the explanatory text book that explain the meanings between each of the water-related hexagrams. The cover of the book is slightly different from the others as it highlights on the water element in the entire system of I-Ching.

Read more online: explanatory text book


Finally, drink more water, be inspired.