Leong Sin Mun Clarisa

“Water is a mater, matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” – Albert Szent Gyorgyi

A mother’s love is just like water. It nourishes, provides, and does not give up. Regardless of the hurts and pains, they find the simple joys and shower their families with unconditional love. Such genuine love comes from deep within. However, despite their contributions to the family, they are often taken for granted.

A mother’s love may be shown differently; it may be harsh or it may be soft, but all mothers love their children nevertheless.

Embrace is an exhibition specially dedicated to mothers, to commemorate and pay tribute to mothers for their unconditional love towards their families through allowing the audience to reflect and share their stories with others, embracing those precious moments. From the time of birth, we are found in our mother’s embrace; Where love resides, all things are made whole.

#1 Installation: Wings of Love

These time capsules, made up of approximately 250 circular plastic containers and lids contain every single precious moment of love. The circular forms carry symbols of universal, infinitity, unconditional and protection. As a universal symbol of love, these mother hen’s wings portrays a mother’s unconditional love, protection from danger and also, a source of comfort and security.

The audience are allowed to write their special moments, letters to their mothers, a word of thanks, and anything that spells love and place it into any empty container to share their story with everyone else. The installation provides them a space to reflect and to enjoy the stories of others. zoominwings openImageImageImageImageImage

#2 Embracelet: Jewels of Love

Delicate and elegantly designed, the beads represent the precious tears of joy and sorrow of a mother. There is no love purer and more genuine than a mother’s love.

Packaged in a simple plastic container, this embraclet is like a jewel in a time capsule, with a note attached to the cover which allows people to write their heartfelt messages to accompany their gift.

Silver has a feminine energy; it is often related to the flow of tides. It is commonly associated to purity, emotions and calmness. Sometimes, symbolizing a time of reflection.

The bracelet is designed in as a wrist piece, with a wing attached to each end of the bracelet. This would imitate the action of embracing when one puts it around her wrist.


#3 Brochure

Measuring at 10cm by 10cm for each page, this brochure takes the form of the circular containers used for the installation. It carries the details of the exhibition, photographs and brief information about the artworks. Printed on white shimmer paper which gives an elegant and precious appearance. The flexibility of the brochure allows readers to interact by playing with its form.