Yap Pei Shi Jeanette

In a secluded village somewhere in Malaysia, there is a little wooden house near the sea I visit every June and December.

The house is a fifteen minutes drive away from the nearest grocery store. Sometimes there are frogs lurking around in unexpected corners. There is no Internet connection. However, my grandmother and grandfather are safely sheltered in this house. I painted the yellow walls together with my cousins during one of our school vacations. There is a large round table in the kitchen but it can only sit half the family when everyone’s back home, so we take turns eating meals. The sea is a few minutes walk away from the house. Sometimes when we are playing in the water, we would see our grandpa cycling back home with a basket of fish. Sitting in front of the television, my grandma would tell us the plot of the latest melodrama she is watching. Swaying palm trees produce incredibly calming sounds. An insect orchestra plays to us every night. Nothing blocks the full view of the sky from my eyes, and I am reassured that stars actually exist.

There are no expectations of me (except that I should wash my own dishes after meals). At this place, I am free to be happy.

摇到外婆桥 A Trip to Grandma’s is an attempt to recreate the slow-paced and simple living at my grandmother’s house. Have a temporary getaway from this bustling city to recharge your soul. May this experience bring to you comfort and lots of positive energy like how it always does for me.


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乖乖:Be obedient
努力读书:Study hard
听妈妈的话:Listen to your mother

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