Kok Jie Ming Joemin

“上善若水. 水善利万物而不争, 处众人之所恶,故几于道.”

The supreme goodness is like water, nourishing all creatures without competing with them, it gathers in the lowest places where men despise, therefore it is like Dao (the way).

Water is the perfect substance according to Daoism. Water always seeks the lowest point and always takes the shape of any vessel into which it is poured. Water always flows downhill, and it always flows around any obstacle. Water seems to be the weakest substance, but it’s really the strongest, a single drop could pierce through rocks and glaciers.

So referring to that particular verse in Tao Te Ching, what does it mean to lead a life that flows like water and harmonizes with nature and how are we going to do so in order to absorb these virtues and attain the way?


Taoism had a great impact on the development of herbal medicine. Hence, with the use of herbal teas, we aim to achieve wellness inside out. By creating a series of herbal tea for each virtue presented in the philosophy, targeting a particular aliment in us that is hindering our path of attaining “enlightenment” would help us do so.

These teas can be viewed as an antidote for our wellness and also to substitute the virtues and values that are missing from us which we should be learning from this Chinese philosophy verse from Tao Te Ching.


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Each tea was represented by a particular herb / flower and the graphic elements shown was created with only organic shapes. This is to show how fundamental organic shapes are and with simple continuous rotation and scaling, they are able to create such beautiful patterns. These shapes are like the virtues in Tao Te Ching, where everything links back to its most basic fundamental form, just like water, which takes in the form of anything that holds it.  IMG_0216

Individual packaging are shaped in the form of a water droplet, and forms into a flower when all six of them are pieced up together.

IMG_0234Sides of each individual tea packaging

 (From L to R) Logo – Type of Herbal tea , Generic tea descriptions , Graphic Elements , Virtue and explanation


A simple hexagon box to keep all of them together.

IMG_0254 copy copy

One tea box is able to hold 3 pyramid teabags.


Individual tea bags has a tea tab with their virtue and graphic elements on it for easy differentiation from one another.


Combining all six virtue tea boxes together will form a complete circle from the top view with their individual herb graphic patterns on the packaging. This is to show how all these virtues comes together as one and help to bring wellness to you from inside out.


6 types of herbal tea for 6 different virtues in Tao Te Ching.

(Wolfberries tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Lavender Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea, Ginkgo Leaf Tea, Chrysanthemum White Tea)


I want to create the essence of fun through this packaging too, hence this geometric shape of a water droplet. The graphics on the packaging works as a puzzle when you piece all six of them up together. With the use of colours, we are able to differentiate what flavour those teas are.


Promotional Posters for Tea Wellness

Idea to draw people who are interested in purchasing the tea to the online site. Keeping the poster minimalistic and simple, emphasizing on the water element by combining curved strokes and flowy like graphical treatments to the logo.


Tea Appreciation Workshop Posters, to cultivate more interest from target audiences and to learn the art of tea ceremonies and drinking tea.



Relatively simple and clean outlook for the website in order to showcase more of the graphic elements on the packaging itself.


Concept page educates people on the aim and objective of this brand, how it derives from the chinese philosophy from Tao Te Ching and how this is being connected to this product.


Tea page was based on the graphic elements found in the tea packaging.


Upon hovering on each section of the circle, the name of the tea will appear


After clicking it, a brief introduction of the tea and its health benefits would appear as a pop-up. Clicking the cross button on top of the circle would close the pop-up and goes back to the initial tea page.

tea3_v2storeonline copy

Simple user interface is created for the online shopping section where consumers are able to shop for their tea through this site itself.