Leong Min Er Jennifer

Water, can literally means any thing, from life to death, or is everywhere, even within us humans. The ocean, being an enormous surfaces deep, most people tends to be curious of what was beneath it. So with the creativeness that human have, many stories and legends then started to spread about. One of the most popular one that survived through the years is, the mermaids.

‘Mer’ meaning sea and ‘maid’ just means women, so mermaids are about a living creature, half human body and half fish tail, living under the ocean full of mysteries. They were more known to be beautiful and attractive, some even having magical powers.

The image of mermaid that are more popular was probably the image in the fairytale animated movie ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Andersen. However there are actually a lot more images that was attached to when it comes to mermaids. Starbucks company actually uses mermaids/sirens as their logo since 1971, finding the mermaid being a seductive mystery mixed which suit the nautical theme they want to portray, also symbolized obsession and addiction, to reflect the seductive imagery of the sea, the images of the mermaid changes through out the years too. Through the different mythology, legends and stories about mermaids, we can tell that there are many images that mermaid can represents.

Introducing the different legends of mermaids to children and allow them to feel more connected with the ocean instead of having fear for it. Having fantasy time during childhood generates more imaginations, creativity and communications with others and also hope to create a better learning and enjoyable process during their childhood fantasy play.

Proposed Idea:
Having a series of bubble baths that comes along with a postcard that reveals a short legend and a character for coloring. Postcards are for the children to share their bubble bath experience and also expressing their creativeness through coloring and writing as well. Bubble bath are also meant to be as hair care for children while they are indulged in the fantasy like wonders created by the bubbles all over. Followed by a series of posters to attract children’s’ attentions and advertised the bubble baths.




1) Bubble bath packaging


Atargatis – Soft & Wavy hair care benefits


Ningyo – Thickening & Damage Repair hair care benefits



Thessalonike – Smooth & Straight hair care benefits


front view


back view


2) Postcards


Atargatis – cover page


Atargatis – inner page


Ningyo – cover page


Ningyo – inner page


Thessalonike – cover page


Thessalonike – inner page


When the children were given the postcards:





3) Posters







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