Pamela Ng

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Water, a sacred and mysterious force that is able to purge the evil, spiritual impurities and many negative aspects faced in life. The moving water force that shapes and guide humanity, is also a power of life.

Bali is a picturesque paradise island that captures the attention of many all over the world. Balinese Gamelan also display elements of water through the style they play their music. Techniques such as interlocking and syncopation are greatly used and played at high speed to create the illusion of running water.

Majority of the Balinese are fervent believers of Hinduism and water, again plays a significant role in this religion. They rely heavily on water for spiritual, environmental and sustainable purposes. Therefore, water is treated as divine and worshipped with great respects and intentions in Bali. One can never finish listing the uses of water in Bali, it is an integral part of the people’s lives. It is not just water; to them it is their “Holy Water”.

Holy water also represents “Sea of Milk” in Hindu mythology, a well-known narrative in Hinduism. In this religious narrative, there was one thing in common – Movement. Every scene depicts characters physically moving and tension between various parties.


In this project, I aim to convey the idea of movement that will be featured in a dome exhibition – Mystic; through the use of visual and auditory sensory experiences from the narrative of the Sea of Milk. The audio created for the dome exhibition is a sound art track that has influences from the Balinese Gamelan, heightening the feeling of being in a Sea of Milk. The exhibition is segmented into four sections, which helps the viewer absorb and enjoy their linear experiential journey that allows an immersive experience at the same time.

The four sections:

  • Embarking on a Journey

Mount Mandara radiates at it’s peak, showing a sacred world of paradise that holds a great magical power. Gods gathered here to discuss on obtaining the elixir of life.

  • Overcoming Obstacles

In order to obtain the elixir, the heavenly Gods and underworld Demons have to work together to churn the sea, as good things come forth from the churning.

  • Churning and Battle

Naga Atupura lifted the Mount Mandara and placed it in the Sea of Milk. Naga Basuki wrapped himself around the mountain. Gods and Demons started churning the ocean of milk, till smoke, fire and poison spilled everywhere. Bhrama intercede and stopped the chaos. Tritha Amrita appeared in the middle of the ocean with the elixir in her hands. Gods and Demons eventually broke out into a great battle, as both parties want the elixir for themselves. Shiva took control and killed all of the demons.

  • Peace Restored

Peace was restored and the Gods shared the elixir amongst themselves in Mount Mandara.


Flyer/Poster // Motion graphics & Audio Sensory projection // Website Layout

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Flyers used to publicise the event. It could also double up as a Poster event.

3D Playblast of the exhibition’s exterior.

3D Playblast of the exhibition interior.

Sneak preview of the 4 Dome’s interior.


Original versions of the 4 part Motion Graphics before mockup.

Dome 1

Original versions of the 4 part Motion Graphics before mockup.

Dome 2

Original versions of the 4 part Motion Graphics before mockup.

Dome 3

Original versions of the 4 part Motion Graphics before mockup.

Dome 4

Web design and layoutmystic-01

Web mockup on a computer. This web design aims for a friendly user interface.

Final Thoughts:

It was a very challenging but again a really rewarding process, having to constantly steer myself to clear directions whenever I feel lost at any point in time. Definitely feel like I am pushed me beyond my comfort zone, but in return for a steep learning curve, it was worth it.