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The Ganges river is now heavily polluted due to the consequences of certain choices that humans have made. It’s role has changed from being a source of healing to a source of sickness and death. However, we still have the choice to reverse this.


The people on the internet. Use the power of media to pressure those who contribute to the pollution. In such cases, instead of telling the people directly that they are destroying the river, a better way would be let them experience the damage themselves. 


The pollution of the Ganges has many harsh consequences. It’s healing factor is now severely compromised due to the willful actions of humans. The concept of choosing to throw something filthy into a holy purifying source just because ‘it can clear it’ is rather odd and selfish.


A 50 page art book (Main), a game preview (With two original tracks), and a designer toy.

Note: Serious games are simulations of real-world events or processes designed for the purpose of solving a problem. Although serious games can be entertaining, their main purpose is to train or educate users, though it may have other purposes, such as marketing or advertisement.

The funds collected from the toy will be donated to activist efforts to aid the spread of awareness about the river’s state. A short interview will also be included with each toy, with each design representing the ‘status’ group of the interviewee (Eg. Doctor/ patient/ fisherman etc). This would give buyers further insight into he personal lives of those connected to the Ganges.


Game Narrative (featured in the art book and the preview): 

3 levels

Level 1: Based on the assassination of Swami Niganamanda. The player is identified as a spy/ worker from an organisation that contributes to the pollution of the river. Play against the timer to find your target and complete your mission.

Level 2: Player is now tasked to control the poisonous waste/ put them into chemical pods to be dumped into the river.

Level 3: Player now plays as the organization boss after sacking his worker for being too incompetent to dump things into the river. He takes matters into his own hands and proceed to release the waste in bullet like forms. Gain points by hitting moving targets.

Level 3.2: Something ominous happens, the Goddess ganga now appears and urges him to stop. However, he does not and launches an attack against her. This level is played by the number of times the spacebar is pressed in 60 seconds.

Ending: Ganga, now enraged,  unleashes her powers and flood the whole screen. animations_4.jpg

View the booklet here

Art booklet and designer toy




Link to game preview and soundtracks:

(Play the song while looking at the gif screenshots~)